Company Overview

   Our company is a global trading company and distributors of various brands under our company mission.

  “Our mission is making Provide great products to make people happy”.





We handle many variety of Brands such as baby goods, pet goods, electronics, sports goods, kitchen goods, and household goods through own e-Commerce partners.


The companies that have a dealership with us are as follows

Nutrients - Now Foods, Swanson, Nutircost, Life Extension, Genex Formular, Enhanced, ACgrace, AuraCacia, BSN, Dr.Mercola, Natures Answer, Nova Scotia, Puritans Pride, EverHealth, Alipotec, Apricot, Hawaii nutrition, etc.

Household goods – Nisim, Hayashi, Cremo, Itzy Ritzy, Neat Feat, Netwurks, Phoibos, Smith Rose Bud, TipTop, VIAIR, Warren London, Poo-Pourri, Rujuvaskin, Millennium tanning, Blueair, xim apex, surecan, stirmate, Roll recovery, etc.

Electorics - Satechi, Reolink, photofast, Parkershaving, Muzen, Evoluent, ewestern, etc.

Foods - Earths Bounty, Kiss My Keto, Nutiva, Stoka Nutrition, Thera Breath, Toxic, True Citru, etc.

Pet supplies – BONIES, Natures Specialties, OcuGLO, PolkaDogBakery, Warren London, Zymox, Walkee paws, truelove, Fitpaws, Bach Flower, etc.

Health goods – BSN, Bulk Supplements, Optimum Nutrition, Raleigh, SAN Nutrition, Ultimate Nutrition, etc.

Sports & Campings – Vulken, sidewinder, Meister, Solo Stove, Soto Outdoors, fat gripz, Bello Cyclist, etc.

Baby Stuffs – Mushie, Grabease, iClever, Hape, Guidecraft, omiebox, etc.


 Just enjoy your shopping with us.

 Thank you.