AF006M Magnetic Angle Finder

Swanson Tool AF006M
Magnetic Angle Finder

  • Swanson’s magnetic angle finder is used to quickly determine any angle on the job.
    Attach it to a straight edge or carpenter square for fast layout,
    and also use it to determine pipe pitches.
  • Determine any angle quickly
    Can be used with a straight edge or carpenter square for fast layout
    Block magnetic base
    High-grade composite construction
    V-Grooved edge
  • Convenient size, fits in any pouch or tool belt pocket
    V-grooved magnetic base sits on flat or rounded surfaces
    Terrific for determining pipe pitches and bent pipe angles
    Graduated base can be used as a handy try square
    Strong ceramic magnet attaches easily to a Straight Edge or carpenter Square for fast layout
    Find precise angles quickly—accurate to 0.5 degrees
    Handy angle and grade chart on back of unit provides pitch per inch,
    angle "A" in degrees, and pitch per foot
  • Product Dimensions 8.4 x 5.5 x 0.9 inches