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  • Cremo's deep cleaning, activated charcoal products have a magnetic power that removes impurities, draws out dirt, unclogs pores, detoxifies the skin, reduces oil and eliminates blackheads, leaving your face smooth, moisturized and clean. So you can always put your best face forward.



  • Face Wash
    1. Apply quarter-sized amount to your wet palm
    2. Rub into creamy lather
    3. Wash face and neck
    4. Rinse clean
    5. Stay handsome
  • Face Moisturizer
    1. Clean skin. We recommend Cremo Face Wash since it leaves no film or residue
    2. Apply almond-sized amount to palm and gently rub into your face and neck
    3. More for dry skin
    4. Less for oily skin
  • Sunscreen
    1. Apply liberally on face and scalp 15 minutes before sun exposure
    2. Reapply every 2 hours
    3. Reapply after 40 minutes of swimming or sweating
    4. Use other styling products as normal. This formula doesn’t affect your hair style
    5. Remember, don’t forget to wear your invisible hat every day
  • Paper Mask
    1. Remove mask from pouch
    2. Carefully unfold
    3. Apply to clean skin
    4. Leave on for 10 minutes
    5. Gently peel the mask away
    6. Look at mirror. Enjoy the view.