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  • Are you ready give your hair the Barber Grade experience? We’re proud to offer a complete line of hair styling products and shampoos with our Barber Grade quality seal of approval. Start with Cremo’s new Barber Grade Shampoo. Astonishingly superior formulas that clean, condition and build volume with a fresh, sophisticated scent. Then complete your style with our clearly labeled, astonishingly superior paste, pomade, creams or new hair gels. As with anything that wears the crown, it’s all designed to our uncompromising standards, and enthusiastically approved by our advisory board of expert barbers. Who happen to know a thing or two about hair products. Elevate your hair care routine and upgrade to Barber Grade.



  • Scoop a nickel-sized amount
  • Emulsify in hands until product is clear
  • There are so many ways to use it:
    Apply to dry hair for volume
    Use as base layer with any other Cremo Styling Product for more texture
    Use a blowdryer for fullness
    Add water for less hold
    Use heat for more pliability