Deep pot with marble coating 36cm
Deep pot with marble coating 36cm Deep pot with marble coating 36cm Deep pot with marble coating 36cm

Royalty Line Deep pot with marble coating 36cm

  • Deep pot with marble coating 36cm RL-BS36M
    Non-Stick Marble Coating
    Durable & Light Die Cast Bod
    Dishwasher Safe
    Die-cast aluminum construction ensures even heating and durability.
    Three layers of nonstick coating provide an additional durability and
    offer easy release performance. Furthermore, this non-stick coating grill
    pan 24 cm is dishwasher safe as well.

    With its unique soft touch handles, blended with a mixture of bakelite
    & silicone, you can safely hold your grill pan when you need it.
    cooking without fat like the stone that keeps the authentic taste of
    food and easy cleaning thanks to non-stick coating.
    A homogeneous and fast cooking as the stone through the thickness of
    the funds that will store and release heat evenly.
    Finally, the pan is all hobs, including induction.

    They are manufactured without PFOA
    - 36cm
    - Stainless Button
    - Glass Lid

    Pre-Conditioning Your Cookware
    Upon removing all labels, gently wash and rinse your cookware with mild detergent
    and water. After, dry your cookware with a soft cloth. Condition the cookware
    with a little vegetable oil and wipe the excess. Periodic conditioning can
    maintain your cookware’s non-stick performance.

    Cleaning Instructions
    Immediately after cooking, cool your cookware on a heat resistant surface.
    Do not attempt to cool it by pouring cold water into the hot cookware.
    Should there be dried on food stains, soak your cookware in hot water before proceeding.