L001M Magnetic Post Level Magnetic

Swanson Tool PL001M
Magnetic Post Level Magnetic

  • This magnetic post level has been designed for difficult
    one-man jobs where hands-free work is a must.
    This tool is used to level and plumb posts, flagpoles,
    water pipes, railings and decks—all with one tool!
  • Features
    Strip magnets and elastic strap for hands-free work
    Constructed of high impact composite material
    Hands Free Plumb & Level of Posts, Flag Poles, Water Pipes, Railings and More…
    The best choice for METAL POSTS
  • Spirit level with level and plumbing capabilities in a post or another type of 2x4.
    Includes three spirit level vials providing incomparable accuracy.
    Save time by quickly aligning ceiling joists for rafters.
    Erect straight posts for a deck with ease with this simple and easy to use design.