KissMyketo Keto Protein Birthday Cake 405g

KissMyketo Keto Protein Birthday Cake 405g
KissMyketo Keto Protein Birthday Cake 405g
KissMyketo Keto Protein Birthday Cake 405g

KissMyketo Keto Protein Birthday Cake 405g

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Take a break from bone broth and have some birthday cake!

If you’ve been into health and fitness for a while you are probably familiar with protein shakes. You probably also know that many don’t taste great. Getting high-quality protein shouldn’t have to come at the cost of your taste buds.

Luckily, Kiss My Keto has made it possible to get the protein you need, without drying your mouth out.

Keto Protein in Birthday Cake flavor is a 100% keto-friendly source of protein and healthy fats. Plus, it’s DELICIOUS!

The MCT Oil powder gives you a boost in clean energy and mental clarity, while the grass-fed, bovine collagen protein supports muscle building, and healthy ligaments, hair, skin, and nails.

  • Low Carb, Keto
  • MCT Oil Powder
  • Sugar Free
  • Paleo Friendly

Kiss My Keto Keto Protein is an MCT Powder and Collagen blend. This low carb protein has no sugar or fillers and contains a perfect blend of 67% C8 fatty acids. Kiss My Keto Keto Protein mixes instantly and is easy to absorb and digest. Keto Protein is perfect as a shake, coffee creamer, or as a keto hot chocolate. To make a bulletproof energy drink, add some ghee or butter. Mixes well in both hot and cold liquids.

Note: MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides) are a form of fats that are easily absorbed and converted to energy in the form of ketones.

In conjunction with a low-carb nutrition program, MCT’s help you get fat adapted and reap the benefits of ketosis (improved energy levels and sustained fat loss).

The combination of MCT’s and collagen protein slows the absorption of protein and makes your body use nutrients efficiently, without converting them to glucose.

Keto Protein is also rich in micronutrients– like potassium, sodium, chloride, and magnesium. These mineral are essential in balancing your electrolytes on keto. Keto Protein Birthday Cake contains only 1g net carbs, and no fake ingredients.

Finally: You can get ripped and fat-fueled without the awful taste - and unnecessary carbs - of other protein powders.

We used absolutely NO artificial sweeteners or other chemicals Keto Protein Chocolate. The sweetness of Keto Protein comes solely from naturally occuring Stevia. Kiss My Keto’s delicious protein powder contains MCT oil made up of 67% C8 Caprylic Acid, has no C12 lauric acid.

Full Ingredients List: Pasture Raised Hydrolyzed Bovine Collage, MCT Oil Powder (Medium-Chain Triglycerides, Inulin, Sodium Caseinate [a milk derivative], Silicon Dioxide, Sunflower Lecithin), Natural Flavor, Salt, Steviol Glycosides (stevia leaf extract), Xanthan Gum.

67% C8 MCT Oil Powder

  • MCT Oil C8 / Caprylic Acid C8, the most potent and premium form of MCT Oil.
  • MCT C8 provides quick, stable energy through the release of ketones.
  • Can lead to improved physical performance and mental clarity.

33% C10 MCT Oil Powder

  • MCT Oil C10/ Capric acid C10 from coconut oil is also easily absorbed and broken down by our body.
  • Helps to boost the immune system with antimicrobial and antifungal properties.
  • Can promote digestive health.


  • The main component of our connective tissue and gives our skin elasticity. Collagen production starts to rapidly decline in our 30’s, which is one reason why we get wrinkles. Our hydrolyzed collagen peptides supply essential amino acids that help maintain healthy collagen production.
  • We use peptides that contain only one ingredient: 100% grass-fed bovine collagen.
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