Sport Grips SideWinder® Xtreme T6 #5

Sport Grips SideWinder® Xtreme T6
Sport Grips SideWinder® Xtreme T6
Sport Grips SideWinder® Xtreme T6

Sport Grips SideWinder® Xtreme T6 #5

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The T6 is the heaviest, Longest- Thickest and Strongest Built-in resistance of the Sidewinder line. In other words, light resistance to Impossible. This BAD BOY contains and adjustable, calibrated tension gauge that accommodates the beginners to the elite athlete. This all-in-one unit targets the Forearms, Wrists, Fingers and Thumbs.

The T6 maintains the same resistance level of your choice no matter how many revolutions you twist the handles.

 A self-contained unit with an adjustable tension knob for an easy transition of resistance. It is highly capable of helping sport enthusiasts and the athlete seeking serious Hand & Wrist strength in professional sports.

What sets us apart from our competitors is the combination of constant tension, exaggerated range of motion, single/double hand usage and multiple hand positions makes the Sidewinder Pro Xtreme T6 an essential tool for anyone pursuing larger well-developed forearms.

Controlled motion is one of the best features to prevent injuries.

Resistance and repetition coupled with consistency are the keys to making YOURS a success Story! Compact enough to go where you go, it is soon to become a favorite of your workout regime. We stand behind our products because they are made TOUGH!



SideWinder® Xtreme T6

4.9 lbs.

18″ long

Taper: 2 3/8” to 1 7/8”

* 6″ Knurled and tapered handles for a no-slip grip as well as fat grip training and
a desire to crush things.

*Crafted from aluminum by high-tech CNC machines and anodized for strength and durability.

*Our resistance material allows for a smooth feel at all levels of tension.

*Besides the quality, our adjustable calibrated tension knob makes all the difference. You can make as many changes to the resistance as you would like to accommodate the youngest of beginners to the seasoned athlete.

*The tension knob sits on a steel roller bearing allowing ease of adjustment.

*You can turn the Sidewinder endlessly in one direction as many times as you would like while maintaining the same resistance, this means you can choose the part of the forearm you wish to exercise.

*Made and assembled by hand in the USA!


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