Titan Support Systems Toro Bravo Powerlifting Belt, Single Prong
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The Titan Toro™ Powerlifting belt represents an excellent value for money entry-level belt. Handcrafted entirely in the United States, the belt is finished in premium Suede and North American sole bend leather.

Belt Mechanism

Single or double prong: features a steel, nickel plated buckle and prong, seamless 2mm thick walled roller.

Craftsmanship warranty: 3 years on prong mechanism, stitching, sole bend leather integrity (tearing of holes). Repair or replace at manufacturers discretion.

Belt Leather

Leather: features North American sole bend leather and suedes.

Belt specifications

 4”x 4” Width (10 cm x 10cm)

 10 mm Thickness

 IPF Approved

 Made in USA