Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro, Protein Supplement
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About the Product

  • Ultra Whey Pro™ provides an excellent and complete source of amino acids.
    Every scoop delivers 21 grams of protein derived from our proprietary Pure Whey™ protein blend,
    a unique matrix comprised of ultrafiltered whey isolates, peptide-rich whey hydrolysates,
    and whey concentrate. For maximum biological value (BV),
    Ultra Whey Pro™ has been ultrafiltrated and processed at the lowest possible temperatures
    to prevent the denaturing of the protein.
    Mix 1-2 slightly rounded scoops with 6-12 ounces of skim milk or your beverage of choice.
    On training days take a minimum of two servings daily, with one serving within 45 minutes after training
    and the other serving between meals.
    On non-training days take at least one serving daily between meals.
    For best results, use a blender or a Universal Shaker Cup.