Zinka Mineral Sunscreen
Zinka Mineral Sunscreen Zinka Mineral Sunscreen Zinka Mineral Sunscreen
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About the product

  • Zinka Clear SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen contains 20% Zinc Oxide and protects against
    UVA & UVB rays. Our High Performance Formula is Paraben & Oxybenzone free, safe
    for the reefs and the environment. This formula is highly water resistant, moisturizing
    and chemical free! This product is Kid Safe!
  • ZINC OXIDE -  Zinka Clear Face Stick contains active ingredient Zinc Oxide 5%
    to deliver superior no-mess coverage for your face
  • EXTREME PROTECTION - Broad spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen provides
    long lasting protection against damaging UVA & UVB sun rays
  • WATER RESISTANT - 80 minutes of water resistance from swimming or sweating,
    and for all your favorite outdoor activities from hiking, biking, camping, and more
  • EASY APPLLICATION - Convenient shape and size of the face stick makes sunscreen
    application quick and non-messy, with just one easy no motion
  • CLEAR FORMULA - Non-greasy, lightweight formula is great for both kids and adults of all ages,
    offering sun protection under all weather conditions
  • Directions : 
    Apply on face before sun exposure. Reapply periodically, especially after sweating or swimming.